004 – Match Day 2021 during COVID with Dr. Danielle Ploussard

Congratulations to all those who went through the interview season this year. It was tough and confusing for everyone, especially with the COVID pandemic and the web-interview adaptations. Marcus Hwang briefly explores several options for those of you who received unfavorable news this Match season then continues the discussion about the Post-Match with today’s guest.

Dr. Danielle Ploussard is a OMS R3 at the OHSU Department of OMS. She did her dental education at the UCLA School of Dentistry, GPR at the University of Washington, a non-categorical OMS internship at the UCLA Department of OMS. She did not match on Match Day, but successfully continued her residency career through the Post-Match.

Again, congratulations for those entering OMS. And for those who didn’t this year, continue on and best of luck. We are rooting for you!

To connect with Dr. Ploussard, find her on instagram @dplouss

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