006 – Part 1: What is the History of Ambulatory Surgery Centers for OMS with Dr. Jeffrey Carter

Marcus Hwang explores Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC) in a two-part series with Dr. Jeffrey Carter. In Part 1, they focus on the history of ASCs in the United States and its relevance to OMS. They explore insurance reimbursement changes that affected the scope of practice, trend of orthognathic surgery in ASCs, the relevance of the payer mix, and much more. Stay tuned for Part 2, as the two delve into the specifics on building ASCs and Dr. Carter’s tips and tricks from his experience establishing such practices over his career.

Dr. Carter obtained his DMD from the University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine, MD from Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, and trained in OMFS at Vanderbilt University.

The host makes a mistake towards the end of the episode when he comments that the Oregon Medicaid covers orthognathic surgery for patient’s undergoing gender affirmation surgery. This is incorrect. The more correct statement is that it is being advocated for Oregon Medicaid to cover facial surgeries for those experiencing gender dysphoria. Fortunately, some third party payers that traditionally did not cover orthognathic surgery began to cover facial feminization/masculinization surgery. But it is crucial for OMS that orthognathic surgery is included in that language. The host regrets making this mistake, but left this misstep in the episode to introduce potential strategies going forward for insurance coverage for OMS procedures.

Articles referenced in this episode:
Carter J, Mohammad A. Building Nonhospital-Based Platforms for Ambulatory Orthognathic Surgery: Facility, Anesthesia, and Price Considerations. JOMS. 2009.

To contact Dr. Jeffrey Carter, send him a message at jbc@carterinc.com

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